By becoming a member of APTIA, your organisation is:

  • eligible to attend industry seminars and private networking events
  • provided access to a range of IR services and advice unique to your organisation
  • contributing to the national policy and advocacy work that helps protect all bus and coach operations in our industry.

Employment services include:

  • Negotiations for an enterprise agreement, including drafting an EA, bargaining and lodgement fee. This may involve a number of attendances to discuss the EA or to participate in the bargaining process.
  • Negotiations for an enterprise agreement which involves settling the final draft agreement, advising about process and then lodging documents for approval.
  • Representation at the FWC at a conciliation/conference which may involve preparing a respondent’s reply, attending the conference and often arranging for terms of settlement to be executed.
  • Representation at an arbitration in FWC which involves preparing statements and submissions on behalf of a Respondent and then attending the FWC to represent the Respondent including making oral submissions and adducing evidence on behalf of a Respondent.
  • Representation at a stakeholder meeting for a day, which may be a training day or at an in-house office seminar or attending meetings with the government on behalf of a member. 

Organisations are eligible for membership under the following membership groups:

  • State Bus Associations who have employer members in the industry.
  • Urban Transport Operators, who employ persons in the industry, across more than one State, and
  • Public Transport Operators, who employ persons within the industry.