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Clerks Private Sector Award

The Clerks Private Sector  occupational award covers: (a) private sector employers throughout Australia in relation to employees wholly or principally engaged in clerical work; and(b) private sector employees who are wholly or principally engaged in clerical work and who are employed by employers mentioned in clause 4.1(a). This occupational award also covers:(a) on-hire employees working in a classification defined in Schedule A—Classification Structure and Definitions and the on-hire employers of those employees if the employer is not covered by another modern award containing a classification that is more appropriate to the work performed by the employee; and(b) trainees employed by

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Public Transport Passenger Award

This industry award covers employers throughout Australia in the passenger vehicle transportation industry and their employees in the classifications listed in clause 15—Minimum rates to the exclusion of any other modern award. Passenger vehicle transportation industry means the transport of passengers by: (a) motor vehicle, limousine or hire car; (b) bus or coach; and (c) electric tramway, monorail or light rail. This award covers any employer which supplies labour on an on-hire basis in the passenger vehicle transportation industry in respect of on-hire employees in classifications covered by this award, and those on-hire employees, while engaged in the performance of

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