APTIA IR Working Groups

APTIA Industrial Relations Working Group

The Bus Industry Confederation has an Industrial Relations Working Group made up of representatives across the Australian bus and coach industry from small to large organisations delivering moving people services in a variety of tasks including public transport, school services, long distance and touring, charter and express services. The goal of the group is to facilitate an industrial relations environment by reaching an agreed national approach to issues in which our industry operates. 

The group comes together frequently throughout the year to ensure the ongoing IR agenda is responsive and meets the remit of the APTIA Council including:

  • representing Industry at a national level to respond to industrial relations changes such as the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety Act which may impact on the bus and coach industry
  • determining industrial relations policy for the benefit of its members and provision of explanatory guidance notes in the interpretation of the Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award and the understanding of industrial legislation
  • assessment and review of the impacts of the FWA and other federal legislation affecting the industrial environment of employees of bus and coach transport services
  • providing input into the activities of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, particularly its Workplace Policy Committee and Worker Health and Safety Committee.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

The Bus Industry Confederation established the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Working Group in July 2021.

The role of the working group is to:

  • promote and encourage workplace equality across binary gender groups and the broader non-binary groups
  • consider policy surrounding bullying and harassment in the workplace and other gender equality issues which arise in the workforce
  • ensure that APTIA’s policy making takes into account diversity and is fairly made across all sectors of the community.