APTIA Members

APTIA represents and assists its Members in negotiations relating to the settlement of disputes between Members and their Employees and promotes and protects the interests of Employers within the Passenger Transport Industry. To apply for Membership with APTIA, please read and complete the APTIA membership application form contained in the Membership Guide.

Benefits of APTIA Membership

APTIA Members have access to APTIA for representation on a number of services as well as access to Industrial Relations resources online. 

Services of APTIA include:

  • Negotiations for an enterprise agreement, including drafting an EA, bargaining and lodgement fee. This may involve a number of attendances to discuss the EA or to participate in the bargaining process.
  • Negotiations for an EA including settling the final draft agreement, advising about the process and then lodging documents for approval.
  • Representation at the FWC at a conciliation/conference which may involve preparing a respondent’s reply, attending the conference and arranging for Terms of settlement to be executed.
  • Representation at an arbitration in FWC including preparing statements and submissions on behalf of a Respondent, attending the FWC to represent the Respondent such as making oral submissions and adducing evidence on behalf of a Respondent.
  • Representation at a stakeholder meeting, which may be a training day or at an in-house office seminar or attending meetings with the government on behalf of a member.

APTIA Members include:

  • State Bus Associations who have employer members in the industry.
  • Urban Transport Operators, who employ persons in the industry, across more than one State, and
  • Public Transport Operators, who employ persons within the industry.