Awards & Agreement Making

Each year the Fair Work Commission delivers a minimum wage determination which sets, not only the minimum wage for the ensuing year – July to June, but also the wage increases for each modern award. The increase in the minimum wage is expressed as an hourly rate and a percentage increase.

Set out in this section of the website are the current-year wages and allowances for the June to July period for the following Awards:

The process of Agreement making is enshrined in the Fair Work Act 2010 (Chapter 2; Part 2-4). It is a very formal process based around timelines and the Fair Work Commission being satisfied that those voting in a ballot for an enterprise agreement fully understand what they are voting on and have had the opportunity to consider the terms of any agreement and to negotiate with respect to those terms, if it is their wish. Set out is a comprehensive  outline of the process to making of an agreement, along with a draft Enterprise Agreement, prepared by APTIA.

APTIA will provide assistance to members in preparing, negotiating and lodging their Enterprise Agreements.

Latest Awards and Agreement Making

Manufacturing & Associated Industries and Occupation Award

All employees previously covered by ma000089 Vehicle Repair Services and Retail Award 202 are now covered by the Manufacturing Award, ma000010. Manufacturing & Associated Industries & Occupation Award 2020 Download

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Clerks Private Sector Award

The Clerks Private Sector  occupational award covers: (a) private sector employers throughout Australia in relation to employees wholly or principally engaged in clerical work; and(b) private sector employees who are wholly or principally engaged in clerical work and who are …

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Public Transport Passenger Award

This industry award covers employers throughout Australia in the passenger vehicle transportation industry and their employees in the classifications listed in clause 15—Minimum rates to the exclusion of any other modern award. Passenger vehicle transportation industry means the transport of …

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