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The Moving People 2030 Taskforce, comprised of 8 national organisations, launched a comprehensive report to Federal, State and Territorial Governments on how we can deliver a prosperous, sustainable, liveable and healthy Australia by 2030. 

Moving Australia 2030-A Transport Plan for a Productive and Active Australia sets out pathways for the establishment of a transport, land use management, planning and funding framework, including how we move people, today and in the future, to maintain the living standards we currently enjoy in Australia.

Moving Australia 2030 - A Transport Plan for a Productive and Active Australia

The Vision

The Key Recommendations

The Moving Australia 2030 downloadable reports

Moving Australia 2030 - Executive Summary Moving Australia 2030 - Executive Summary (1552 KB)

Moving Australia 2030 - Full Report Moving Australia 2030 - Full Report (5353 KB)

Moving People 2030 Taskforce Members

Moving Australia 2030 Media Centre


Key Recommendations

Some key recommendations from the report are:

-  integrate land use planning and transport at a national level

-  oversee the implementation of Capital Cities Planning Criteria agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments

- oversee the delivery of an expanded Liveable Cities program funding and set of projects.

- staggering school hours

- increasing the span of operating hours and frequency of public transport services

- providing flexible work hours for all government employees.

- Amending Compulsory Third Party insurance premiums for car share vehicles to accurately reflect the risk of accidents

- Integrating car share schemes with public transport ticketing

- Replacing conventional parking spaces in new residential developments with car share spaces.



Moving People in Australia by 2030

In undertaking this report and assessing targets for 2030, the Taskforce has reviewed a
range of international and national transport plans and initiatives including:

The Taskforce believes that with the right action from the Australian Government and State, Territory and Local Governments, by 2030:

These targets are consistent with other vision statements we have reviewed in developing this report. This report outlines how to achieve these outcomes, and what the benefits will be for Australia’s economy, environment and people.

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