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The Australian bus and coach industry services more than 1.5 billion urban passenger trips per year with the coach sector of the industry moving more than 1.6 million domestic travellers per year.

As the primary voice of the bus and coach industry, the BIC works with all levels of government, strategic partners, the passenger transport industry and the community to:

The BIC and the Bus Australia Network have produced a 10 year strategy policy document for driving land transport tourism. There are 9 key areas that all levels of government and industry should adopt to increase travel by coach to generate dispersal of tourists from major cities and attractions to regional Australia and grow Australia's tourism economy. These 9 key areas are set out below and elaborate on in detail in the Moving People > Coach solutions for driving land transport tourism publication [release date: April 2019]. DOWNLOAD PUBLICATION.

Key Strategic Areas

  1. New marketing strategy for coach travel
  2. Better data via market research
  3. Coach infrastructure in Australian cities and major regional towns
  4. Airport infrastructure and access
  5. National Parks access
  6. Addressing skills shortages
  7. Service and tourism investment incentives
  8. Heavy Vehicle Regulation
  9. Performance Based Disability Standards
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