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Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities

Mission Statement:

The Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities will work together to make Australia’s capital and major cities more liveable, more resilient and more productive.

Who we are

The Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities was established in 2014 by the BIC with co-conveners from the Government, Opposition and Cross Benches and like minded national organisations. 

The three co-conveners of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities are:

Mr. Trent Zimmerman MP, Member for North Sydney

Mr. Andrew Giles MP, Member for Scullin

Mr. Adam Bandt MP, Member for Melbourne

There are 15 national organisations who act as Supporter Members to the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Better Cities. These organisations are represented at functions and meetings by a number of key people from each organisation. 

To find out more about our events visit the Better Cities Events page. 


Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Tim Arnold, CEO
Caroline Odgers, National Manager, Marketing and Development
Australasian Railway Association Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer
Phil Allan, Chief Operating Officer
Emma Woods, General Manager Passenger and Member Services
Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council  Suzanne Toumbourou, Executive Director
Bus Industry Confederation of Australia  Michael Apps, Executive Director
Consult Australia

Nicola Grayson, Director, Policy & Government Relations 
Megan Motto, Senior Advisor, Policy & Government Relations                
Council of Capital City Lord Mayors Deborah Wilkinson, Executive Director
Green Building Council of Australia

Jonathan Cartledge
Senior Manager - Government and Industry
International Association of Public Transport, Australia and New Zealand  Robert Pearce, Executive Director 
Ange Anczewska, Manager - Development and Engagement
National Heart Foundation Rohan Greenland, General Manager, Advocacy
National Growth Areas Alliance Bronwen Clarke, Acting CEO
Outdoor Media Association Tess Phillips, General Manager, Government Relations
Planning Institute of Australia 

David Williams, CEO
Rolf Fenner, Chief Policy Officer
Property Council of Australia Ken Morrison, CEO
Richard Lindsay, Government Relations Manager
Real Estate Institute of Australia  Jock Kreitals, Manager Policy
Zoe Davies, Communications Manager
We Ride Australia Peter Bourke, General Manager
Stephen Hodge, Government Relations Manager

What we represent 

Better Process

Better processes surrounding the identification, development, selection and design of urban renewal and growth projects relating to public space, commercial space, housing, transport, amenity and employment.

Key focuses in this area will be:

Better Institutions

Better institutions will define the interrelationships between the Commonwealth, State and Local Governments in developing and implanting policy and delivering projects in our capital and major cities.

Key focuses in this area will be:

Better Funding

Better funding arrangements relate to how infrastructure and services may be priced in Australia in the future and how the revenue from these pricing arrangements is delivered to Governments.

Key focuses in this area will be:

Better Efficiency

Better efficiency will address how capital and major cities identify best use of existing infrastructure, space and the existing urban form to drive economic and environmental efficiencies and reflect these in strategic planning, projects and policy development.

Key focuses in this area will be:


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