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Productivity Growth in the Passenger Transport Industry through Best Practice

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) through funding provided by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has established a Productivity Leadership Program (PLP).

The mission of ACCI's PLP is to develop education and skills to support cooperative and productive workplace relations that promote national economic prosperity and social inclusion for all Australians.

ACCI's PLP identified 5 key elements within Australian businesses that the program needed to respond to ensure the desired outcomes of the mission:

  1. Management and Leadership - empower Australian businesses to enhance management and leadership practices, creating more innovative, engaged and productive workplaces
  2. Human Capital - development of a dynamic and highly skilled workforce that can meet the evolving demands of the Australian Economy
  3. Innovation and Technology - empower businesses to embrace innovation and new technology to thrive in a dynamic world
  4. Sustainability - equip businesses to create safe and healthy workplaces, reduce energy consumption and minimize waste generation
  5. Trade - empower Australian business to effectively compete in an increasingly global marketplace

As a result of this fantastic iniative, the Bus Industry Confederation has been able to bring to the Bus and Coach Industry our Productivity Growth in the Passenger Transport program (PGPT) which will run throughout the whole of 2014.

The 4 key "Stages" of our PGPT program and the key elements that our program addresses is outlined in the below table.

  PGPT Program
ACCI Productivity Leadership
Stage 1
Develop and implement best practice financial, performance managment, rostering and scheduling skills.
Management & Leadership
Stage 2
Development of an Industrial Relations and Work Health & Safety Guide Human Capital
Stage 3
Development of an industry tool box of resources for employers to facilitate improved health and wellbing of the industry's work force Sustainability
Stage 4
Provide access for women working in the bus and coach industry to a gender specific women's mentoring program Human Capital

The PGPT program that the BIC has designed for the Bus and Coach Industry aims to:

The BIC kicked off Stage 4  in November 2013 by sponsoring 20 females working in the bus and coach industry to attend a leadership mentoring program called Emberin Ignite. Read the BIC media release or go direct to the Emberin website: The participants will start the mentoring program in February 2014.

All 4 stages of our PGPT program will not only give direct participants a wealth of resource materials and practical training/applications, participants will also be able to share and engage with a wide audience via the ACCI website. The website is an interactive tool that enables the whole of industry to be involved in the PGPT program.  The website uses a simple logon (via an online account) and then as a PGPT "member" users can:

To become a member of the Productivity Leadership program, go to:

Find out more about BIC's Productivity Growth in the Passenger Transport program by emailing

Stage 1

The BIC and our State Association Partners focus on providing bus operators with access to initiatives that support them in delivering essential passenger transport services.

A key requirement is to be able to provide efficient and effective services that are sustainable over the long term. In an increasingly competitive environment it is important to continue to provide industry specific skills to bus operators founded on best practices.

This initiative is focused on two key areas that will have both an immediate and long term impact:

Pictcher Partners
is the lead consultancy in Stage 1. The direct benefits for businesses operating in the industry are:

Download the Workbooks for Driving the Performance of your Business:

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the Productivity Growth program will be a major update to the National Workplace Health & Safety Guidelines and will include:

Stage 3

Stage three of PGPT will focus on the health and wellbeing of the passenger transport industry. Recent studies within the industry indicate that employees within the industry are predominantly older than that of the nation's average workforce, with the majority of employees being aged between 51 and 60. 

With age comes illness and health issues which are not only likely to impact negatively on the workers longevity and life expectancy, but are also likely to impact negatively on workers' productivity and reliability.  For example, our study suggests that over 55% of the workers surveyed are either obese or overweight, yet many of these workers have a poor understanding of their weight and the impact of this on their health, wellbeing and productivity at work. Furthermore, a high proportion of workers do not exercise to the required level throughout their working week, therefore, are unlikely to reduce their weight.  Other key concerns include mental health issues, numerous pain sites and healthy diet choices.

Whilst an older workforce may present many negative attributes, the positive attributes of such a workforce are significant.  Older workers are more reliable and loyal, demonstrate lower absenteeism and have greater job satisfaction.  Therefore, it is advantageous to maintain such a workforce through initiatives which promote health and wellbeing at work.

To ensure that older workers remain healthy, and ensure continued and improved productivity in the passenger transport industry, this initiative proposes to:

Interact Injury Management is the lead consultant for Stage 3 of the Productivity Growth program.  Interact is a provider of injury and disability management, workplace rehabilitation, injury prevention and workplace health and safety services in Sydney, regional NSW and south-east Queensland.

Stage 4

The BIC has identified an opportunity to engage existing women throughout industry through a gender specific mentoring program.  With only 22% female workforce participation, we have identified that this first critical step is to engage and retain the women we have within industry across Australia.  These women are:

The program, My Mentor, developed and delivered by Emberin is a structured 12 week program to support women to make their personal and professional lives better in every way.  Delivered in CD, DVD and workbook format and supported by webinars and weekly communication, this program is the most widely used mentoring program in Australia, having graduated more than 13,000 women to date.

The My Mentor program includes the most up to date processes for dealing with some of the key business issues women have reported. It includes mind challenging exercises, thought provoking information and examples, cutting edge ‘knockout’ tools, interviews from some of Australia’s leading corporate business women and demonstrations of some challenging scenarios and how to deal with them.

The participant completes one module per week over a 12 week period and during that week they will listen to one CD, watch a segment of the DVD and fill out exercises within a section of the workbook. The format is flexible for busy working women – they can watch it at home, listen to it in the car or on an iPod, and fit the workbook in their handbag.  The inbuilt flexibility is essential to its success.

The twelve modules include:

The BIC have sponsored 20 female delegates from the bus and coach industry to attend the My Mentor program which starts in February 2014. Delegates graduate from the program in June 2014.


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