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February 2016
Authorities, manufacturers and decision makers from the bus and coach industry will soon meet in Istanbul for the 6th edition of Busworld Turkey. With the attention directed to Turkey and the neighbouring countries, the February issue explores what is currently happening in the bus and coach sector in this region.
January 2016
The first newsletter of 2016 is dedicated to India. IRU has established a High Level Group of leading public and private stakeholders that work together towards clean, safe and affordable collective transport mobility in India. The rapid population growth in the country came with a great number of motor vehicles in the streets causing traffic jam, accidents and pollution. With its growing population and expanding urban areas, it is essential that the best that bus and coach has to offer is shared and highlighted. In this newsletter, you will find some of the latest developments in the Indian bus and coach market.
December 2015
Read about the latest developments in services, technology and advocacy taking place in the sector.
November 2015
The November issue sees the beginning of a series of stories focusing on Innovation in the Bus & Coach Sector. The world is changing rapidly and it is nice to see that companies such as Wanderu are keeping our industry up-to-date.
January/February 2014
Get the latest news about the new European Citizens’ Mobility Forum that will be pushing EU leaders to keep to their commitments and double the use of buses and coaches in Europe, with urban mobility being a key concern for Europe's citizens. You can also read the latest from the USA, Kazakhstan and the UK on how buses are playing their part in creating a greener environment and learn why the Brazilian city of Curitiba has been voted third "Smartest City" in the world by Forbes magazine. 

October 2013

In this newsletter take a look at the 8th IRU European Bus & Coach Forum being held at Busworld Kortrijk in Belgium.

As a follow-up to the recommendations of the EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group, the Citizen's Mobility Forum makes a start.


Check out the winner of the UK Bus Driver of the Year competition - no ordinary winner! - and his lasting committment to safety.
September 2013 Should public transport be sexy or not? Find out more about how buses can curb road deaths as cities grow. There is a booming trend towards greener buses, including Bonn’s goal of becoming the first European city with fully-electric public transport, and an innovative multimodal bus/bicycle combination on France's Reunion island that will no doubt attract new bus users.
July 2013 Check out the upcoming 8th Bus & Coach Forum at Busworld Kortrijk and the staggering response to this year’s Smart Move Award. Ddiscover how three London women are making the most out their free bus travel pass and how the city is showing off its cool new bus to the rest of the world.
June 2013

Read about Smart Move policies that will bring the cuts in carbon, congestion, and accidents, and increase economic activity and employment that we all want and need.

Public transport by bus and coach is providing tailor-made solutions in the US, Jamaica, France and Malaysia, and participating in government savings and mobile technology.

May 2013
 The EU Smart Move High Level Group releases its recommendations to double the use of buses and coaches by 2025.

Also in this edition, a German coach operator is promoting the benefits of coach tourism by travelling around the world -- check on their real-time progess, learn how the UK is not only getting greener and more efficient, but encouraging more people to leave their cars at home, while German car drivers are getting more than they bargained for when they get a parking ticket. Finally, new technology is helping Copenhagen become the first carbon neutral city, and totally re-imagining bus service!

March/April 2013

Discover how the public-private Smart Move High Level Group approach to identifying problems and developing sustainable transport policies is being emulated, with Australia now implementing the model to create a sustainable transport vision and recommendations for its cities.


February 2013 The Smart Move News Desk looks at the new rights for bus and coach passengers in the EU could affect you. You can also learn about the EU Smart Move High level Group new policy ideas that will make it easier to get more people onto buses and coaches.

You can also read from around the world about how buses are playing a vital role in our communities - whether it be helping people into jobs in the UK or improving connections in our towns and cities. Read about Smart Move latest partner BusBud that makes bookings easier by aggregating over 10,000 bus routes from 4000 cities in 60 countries around the world.
January 2013

Prof. David Hensher makes a splash by hitting back at government on competitive tendering vs negotiated contracts.

Buses are taking a lead in keeping people connected - whether it is free travel in Estonia, concessionary travel in Scotland, or expandable post buses in Switzerland - and bus travel in Kenya just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of a mobile ticketing smartphone app.

December 2012
Read about how Eurolines France has taken the smart route and introduced a CO2 calculator - another Smart Move.  EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group outlines recommendations to double the use of buses, coaches and taxis. And India is the second largest market in the world for buses and coaches, second only to China, with an annnual demand for buses and coaches of twice that of all Western Europe.
October 2012

In this issue you can read about how travelling the ancient Silk Road by coach could soon become a reality, how important buses and coaches are in preventing social and economic isolation, learn about safety upgrades in Bus Rapid Transit in India, and how technical innovation helps increase users’ satisfaction and gain ridership in New Zealand and Chile.


September 2012  

Learn how London public transport successfully delivered the 2012 Olympic Games and how innovation is happening in different countries with the world’s longest bus in Dresden, Germany, ‘smart buses’ for Australian commuters, a mobile phone app that puts EU passenger rights info directly in the palm of your hand and traffic lights in Washington D.C. that specifically turn green for buses!

July 2012 Smart Move High Level Group have been examining long distance coach services, and read all about the latest developments in France as new long distance intercity services begin. Also in this issue find out how the G20 finally made the smart move, a minority of rich Delhi residents are fighting against efficient bus transport for the majority of the city's population, bus passengers are contributing to the UK economy on a massive scale, read the latest on South Africa's first Bus Rapid Transit, and how blind and visually impaired people are being given a helping hand to catch the bus.
June 2012

The smart move is certainly catching on. This month saw the inaugural meeting of the European Commission supported Smart Move High Level group that shares the same aims as the Smart Move campaign. Also in this issue, discover the new global database on every bus rapid transit (BRT) system worldwide, and learn how BRT is continuing to grow in the USA with new links between major cities.

Also find out how the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development is fully aligned with Smart Move's rationale of green growth and jobs in tourism, how public-private cooperation is bringing change to Dijon, and how Viet Nam’s cities stand to gain from new clean buses.

May 2012  

This month, learn about how investment in bus networks could be the driver of sustainable economic growth that we all need, find out about the latest rights for bus and coach passengers in Europe, discover how Calgary is getting smart, how taking the bus can not only save you thousands but is also good for your health and the health of our towns and cities, and discover how  coaches are taking on the airplane in India for comfort and service. 

April 2012
This month, discover that the people of Tallinn, Estonia, are voting for free public transport, coaches came to the rescue of stranded airlines passengers in Romania, the Philippines is investing in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and New Zealand inaugurated "dragon buses" to celebrate Chinese New Year. R

Read about the smart phone app that lets U.S. bus passengers check the safety performance of a bus/coach company before they book a ticket and a travel planning app in the Basque region of Spain with potential for worldwide use.

March 2012

The European Commission has agreed to create a high level EU group to make the “Smart Move” by doubling the use of bus and coach in the next decade, Mexico is getting the green light to expand its innovative bus system, tourists are going ape for new bus stops in Thailand, and bus travel is becoming cool again in the US! 

Don’t forget to also check out the highlights from the long distance bus and coach travel workshop. It includes a video message from French Transport Minister, Thierry Mariani, who talks about the opening of international cabotage lines in France.

February 2012

Smart Move is gaining significant momentum as it expands worldwide from Europe to the United States! This global reach, which increases daily with new partners and supporters, speaks for itself as evidence of the many benefits of Smart Move values to communities and future generations. And yet, U.S. transport policy makers are on the brink of making a serious mistake that would fail to deliver fair transport via bus and coach to the communities who need them most. Fortunately, cities such as Bogotá in Colombia and Coventry in the United Kingdom, are making the Smart Move and enjoying the economic, social and environmental rewards of efficient bus and coach transport systems.

January 2012

The popularity of buses and coaches continues to grow, as the US, India and Italy are increasingly relying on buses and coaches for long distance mobility as an economically and environmentally attractive alternative to rail and air travel! Better on-board services, such as wi-fi, have also helped attract new customers and turn years of decline into modern success stories. Last but not least, new Bus Rapid Transit schemes across the globe keep making the case for bus being the most affordable yet user-friendly and efficient solution to urban mobility needs.

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