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The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC), its industrial arm APTIA and the Bus Australia Network (BAN) are committed to act as the voice for our industry, especially in the current situation we are experiencing.


Tourism Restart Taskforce

Australian Government Agencies, including Austrade, the National COVID Coordination Commission, Tourism Australia and Treasury have worked with the Tourism Restart Taskforce to develop the Tourism restart program. This plan spells out the basis for the supply-side actions required to capitalise on the demand created by Tourism Australia for visitation, both domestic and international. The Tourism Restart Plan can be viewed here.

COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery

The ACCI New quick reference document for the relaxing of business restrictions operating across jurisdictions Federally and by State and Territory.  View reference guide.

In an announcement on May 8, 2020, the Prime Minister released the three-step roadmap plan providing a pathway for jurisdictions to move towards COVID safe communities in a way that best suits their individual circumstances.

Go to Roadmap

National Covid-19 Coordination Commission Online Planning Tool

National Covid-19 Coordination Commission has released an online planning tool to help business develop a plan to keep their workers, customers and the community safe as they reopen or increase their activities in the the weeks and months ahead. Visit the site here.

COVIDSafe App - Impact Statement

The BIC supports the Australian government’s CovidSafe App as an integral step to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The health, wellbeing and economic value of our industry is paramount and the sooner we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, the sooner restrictions will be lifted, and we can return to normality. To download the app click here. Download CovidSafe FAQS


Current Activities 

Industry Advocacy

A key issue that the BIC and BAN have been addressing in April 2020 is the Covid-19 impacts on the de-regulated sector - the long distance, tourism, charter and express services. Like many other Australian businesses, Covid-19 and government lock down policies have completely stopped most bus and coach business operations in the de-regulated sector.

On April 21, 2020, the BIC provided a report on the de-regulated sector to the Department of Treasury and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, all Ministers and Shadow Ministers responsible for portfolios involving transport, infrastructure and tourism.

Download the de-regulated sector report on Covid-19 impacts and recommended government stimulus

On April 2, 2020, the BIC provided an over-arching bus and coach industry Covid-19 issues report, also calling for PT as an essential service, to the office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister Michael McCormack, Assistant Minister for Transport Scott Buchholz, state Transport and Infrastructure Ministers and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. 

Download the bus and coach industry Covid-19 issues paper.


Industry Guidelines

On March 18 2020, the BIC also released the first edition of its Workplace Guide to help businesses in the bus and coach industry cut-through the wide range of workplace Covid-19 issues and guidelines. The fourth edition was released on April 18 2020 and includes a range of critical updates including cut-to-the-chase detail on getting on board with the Job Keeper scheme, alternative employment arrangements that you might be able to apply in place of JK and an update on progress with modern award changes as at April 13, 2020.

Download the Bus & Coach Industry Workplace Guide (Edition 4) - an Executive's Guide on the practical management of the workplace during Covid-19 disruption whilst also meeting your obligations under current Australian law.

About this Hub

This Covid-19 Industry Hub has been established as a means to alert Industry to current Covid-advocacy activities and, where we believe there is benefit, provide Industry with supplementary information to the work currently being undertaken by the Australian government. We encourage all of Industry to implement a system that ensures you are up to date with business assistance packages being offered by federal and state/territory governments.

We strongly recommend that you visit to stay updated and download the WhatsApp or Coronovirus App (mobile users) to keep informed. The website includes a suite of ready-made workplace safety resources and tools (such as posters and signage).

This Industry Hub contains a vital links page to various national and state/territory services and other industry research/resources that may also assist your business. The Hub also includes a Healthwise Corner which will be regularly updated with short videos to keep your mind and body fine tuned.

Despite the day to day impacts that we are all dealing with in the world of Covid-19, the Commonwealth public service continues its functions as it was doing prior to pandemic impact day of March 11. The BIC will continue on with its 2020 Work Program, working with various government agencies on current and arising issues.



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